College of Science graduate programs recognized in US News rankings

April 13, 2022

University of Arizona College of Science graduate and professional degree programs are once again recognized among the best in the nation in the latest U.S. News & World Graduate Program Rankings, including five graduate programs in the top 10 and ten in the top 25 in their respective areas of study.

"The ranking of our graduate and profession degree programs highlight the excellent research and educational support that our faculty and staff provide to ensure that our students are set up for success," said College of Science Dean Carmala Garzione.

Programs in the Department of Geosciences finished among the nation's best in 2022, with its geology subspecialty placing No. 2 overall. UArizona's doctoral programs in earth sciences tied for No. 9 overall and tied for No. 5 among public universities. Subspecialties in geochemistry (tied for No. 6 overall, tied for No. 4 among public universities) and geophysics/seismology (tied for No. 12 overall, tied for No. 8 among public universities) also earned top marks.

Elsewhere in the College of Science, UArizona tied for No. 49 for its graduate program in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, with a No. 13 overall ranking in the analytical chemistry subspecialty. The Department of Psychology tied for No. 35 overall. The Department of Physics tied for No. 41 overall and tied for No. 16 in atomic sciences. In the 2020 rankings, Speech-Language Pathology tied for No. 6 overall nationally and was the top-ranked program on the west coast, and Audiology tied for No. 10 overall in the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences.

"It is satisfying to see so many of our graduate programs rightfully recognized among the nation's best," said University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins. "Graduate students are invaluable contributors to many of our research and teaching programs. Those who choose to attend the University of Arizona take part in programs that excel in scholarship, teaching and career preparation."

Here is the full list of rankings* from US News & World Reports:

#12 in Ecology / Evolutionary Biology (tie)

#50 in Biological Sciences (tie)

#49 in Chemistry (tie) 

#13 in Analytical 

#49 in Computer Science (tie) 

#9 in Earth Sciences (tie) 

#6 in Geochemistry (tie) 

#2 in Geology 

#12 in Geophysics and Seismology 

#49 in Mathematics 

#21 in Applied Math (tie) 

#41 in Physics (tie) 

#16 in Atomic Physics 

#54 in Statistics (tie) 

#35 in Psychology (tie) 

#10 in Audiology (tie) 

#6 in Speech-Language Pathology (tie) 

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*Please note: US News & World ranks graduate programs every 1-3 years. Not all programs were evaluated for 2022.