College of Science Faculty Council

College of Science Faculty Council

COS Dean's Office – Faculty Affairs Contacts

Brad Story
Associate Dean, Faculty
(520) 621-4091

Susan Bridgewater
Manager, Faculty Affairs
(520) 621-7226

Purpose: To advise the dean and serve as a conduit for communication between the administration and the faculty of the College of Science.

Faculty Council Members - Elected Spring 2022

Committee Chair: Anna Dornhaus
Vice Chair: Guadalupe Lozano

Department Representatives

  • Bryan Black - Associate Professor, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
  • Ross Buchan - Associate Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Haijiang Cai - Associate Professor, Neuroscience
  • Peter DeCelles - Professor, Geosciences
  • Anna Dornhaus - Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Christopher Henderson - Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Dante Lauretta - Regents Professor, Planetary Sciences/Lunar & Planetary Laboratory
  • Lester McCann - Professor of Practice, Computer Science
  • Jeffrey Pyun - Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Jeff Stone - Professor, Psychology
  • Robin Samlan - Associate Professor, Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences
  • Peter Troch - Professor, Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences
  • Carlos Vargas - Assistant Astronomer, Steward Observatory/Astronomy
  • Koen Visscher - Associate Professor, Physics

Career Track Representatives

  • Paul Goodman - Senior Lecturer, Geosciences
  • Tynan Lazarus - Instructor, Mathematics
  • Drew Milsom - Associate Professor of Practice, Physics
  • Dana Narter - Associate Professor of Practice, Psychology

Continuing Status Track Representatives

  • Guadalupe Lozano - Associate Research Scientist, Mathematics
  • Andrew Youdin - Associate Astronomer, Steward Observatory


In Fall 2021, Dean Garzione appointed an ad-hoc committee to develop recommendations for the establishment of a new Faculty Council in the College of Science. Based on the committee's recommendations, the membership of the Council and terms of the members are detailed below.


  • The Council consists of up to 21 faculty members distributed as detailed below.
  • Fourteen departmental representatives, one from each of the 14 academic units of the college. These representatives may be faculty of any rank on any track (tenure track, continuing status, or career track). The representative should not be the department head.
  • Up to five career track representatives, one from each of the College's major fields of study (Life Sciences, Earth Sciences; Physics and Space Sciences; Mathematics and Computational Sciences; and Neural, Cognitive, and Behavioral Sciences).
  • Up to two continuing status or continuing status eligible faculty members, one from Steward Observatory and one from one of the other units with continuing status faculty (currently Mathematics, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Neuroscience/Cognitive Science).


  • Once the Faculty Council reaches a steady state after a few years, each representative will serve a two-year term, with approximately half of the committee rotating off each year.
  • In the first year of the Council, however, all seats will be filled by election, and the College administration will randomly select approximately one half of the members to serve three-year terms. The other members will serve two-year terms.
  • Representatives are limited to two continuous terms and may be re-elected after at least one year off.