For K-12 Educators

For K-12 Educators

Classroom Visits

A series of programs hosted by different programs at the University of Arizona, the opportunities below are designed to use hands-on activities to communicate the importance of science, reinforce STEM education, and give undergraduates an opportunity to visit K-12 classrooms and apply their own education to teach other students. 

  • Arizona Mathematics Road Show - The Arizona Mathematics Road Show is modeled on The Physics Factory, and brings hands-on science activities to both schools and Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Biotechnology Laboratory Experience for High School Students (BLAST) - Students get the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art molecular biological laboratory techniques
  • BIOTECH Project - The BIOTECH Project visits high school and middle school classrooms to conduct Biotechnology and Molecular Biology activities, including DNA extraction, DNA fingerprinting, Bacterial Transformation, Protein Electrophoresis, ELISA, and PCR
  • Insect Discovery - Insect Discovery stimulates elementary student's scientific curiosity through hands-on activities involving live and preserved insects. Insect discovery provides workshops, lesson plans, adaptations, and University of Arizona Insect Museum Collection specimens.
  • Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources - The Lowell Institute's classroom program gives students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the mined materials that build our world.
  • NASA Space Grant Program Science Speakers - Science speakers offer a diverse set of presentations on basic science questions and environmental topics.
  • Physics Factory - Includes the Physics Bus, a literal science museum on wheels, and a team of scientists who enjoy sharing their enthusiasm for STEM through hands-on learning and stage shows
  • Tree-Ring Lab School Presentations - Explore the basics of tree-ring research through exercises and presentations
  • Visiting Scholars - UA STEM students prepare presentations for Tucson high school classrooms by sharing knowledge on STEM colleges/majors, provide knowledge, preperation tactics, and survival skills of the undergraduate expirences, and speak to research expertise and interests at the University of Arizona.
  • Women in Science and Engineering - WISE visits K-12 schools to provide interactive, hands-on programming aimed at piquing student interest in STEM fields. Our program offerings change yearly.

Field Trips

There is no better method for introducing your students to real-world science and mathematics than a visit to the University of Arizona campus. Some of the most prominent scientific research programs in the world are here, such as the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research and the Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab. Many programs invite students into the laboratory where actual research is underway. Our Marine Discovery program, for example, provides a hands-on marine biology lesson in a real UA teaching laboratory.

Field trips are also an important tradition and experience in the education of a child. We offer a variety of diverse experiences and unique locations that will allow you to choose the perfect fit for maximizing both education and fun. Choose from a broad array of options ranging from science discovery programs, one-of-a-kind facility and lab tours, planetarium shows, observatory visits, Mt. Lemon SkySchool, exhibits, and more!

Professional Development

The UA College of Science offers several professional development courses for teachers, from marine biology research experience in the Galapagos Islands to recombinant DNA techniques! Many of these courses emphasize laboratory and research skills and focus on translating these experiences to teachable, hands-on classroom activities and modules. Some courses are available as part of a formal degree program, such as the Masters in General Biology for Secondary School Teachers. This program makes it possible to earn a master's degree in biology during summer breaks. Many research laboratory internships and courses are also available for teachers independent of any formal degree program.

Expertise Directory

The UA College of Science has partnered with several incredible and dynamic entities to bring the very best in classroom resources, community partnerships, and expertise to educators throughout Southern Arizona.  Collaborate one-on-one with an expert in any field or attend STEM-focused teacher workshops where you become the student and experience what our partnerships can bring to your students. This site is being continually updated and is still under construction, so check in with us periodically for new opportunities and content!


CommunityShare is a Tucson-based online platform and network that brings real-world learning into the classroom. The platform matches the unique skills, career experiences and passions of STEM professionals, artists, businesses, non-profits, parents, academics, and community leaders with the needs and goals of educators and students. Through the CommunityShare platform, educators create online profiles indicating the expertise they are looking for, while local community partners describe the expertise and experiences they are interested in sharing. Educators can find matches and invite community partners into their classrooms as project collaborators, mentors, content area consultants, guest speakers, and more. Through engagement with community partners, students see the real-world application of what they are learning in school, learn about new resources in their community, get exposed to caring adults and new career possibilities, and students imagine a future they perhaps never knew existed. CommunityShare also provides a simple and meaningful way for us all to give back to our community and support our next generation of learners, entrepreneurs and leaders.
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The STEMAZing Project

Developed in 2013, The STEMAZing Project is an organization run through the Pima County Office of the Superintendent that seeks to make Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) topics more accessible for PreK - 12 educators.  To accomplish this, it uses three main lines of communication to positively impact STEM education in Southern Arizona and beyond:

  • The STEMAZing and iSTEM 4 ECE Newsletter Series - monthly newsletters that highlight current STEM resources and opportunities for PreK-12 teachers, and help educators with integrating STEM into early childhood learning environments.
  • STEMAZing Professional Development Workshops - hands-on workshops facilitated by master teachers that put educators into the seats and minds of their students.  Workshops range from a few hours to multi-day events and include the equipment and supplies teachers need to implement these activities in their own classrooms.
  • STEMAZing Community Outreach - aimed at PreK-12 students, STEMAZing events engage students in hands-on, minds-on STEM experiences with the goal of inspiring more students to pursue STEM careers.  STEMAZing also assists and participates in STEM nights at different schools.

Click here for information on the STEMAZing session offered Nov. 19.