College of Science

Research Overview

Recognizing that research creates powerful incentives and opportunities for change and advancement, the College of Science consistently demonstrates its dedication to research through its development of interdisciplinary programs, training and selection of faculty, and far-reaching collaborative works. 

Through the College of Science's own linkage - including studies in the life sciences, earth and environmental sciences, physics and space sciences, mathematics and computational sciences and cognitive sciences - and its external connections to national and international institutions and organizations, students and faculty at the College of Science have access to interdisciplinary resources that can readily address the multi-faceted issues facing society. By preparing students to understand the complexity of scientific research, faculty at the College of Science strengthen their knowledge and understanding of their disciplines in relation to others. Through the nurturing and development of effective partnerships and collaborations, the College of Science is able to share its passion for research and pursue solutions that impact society on many different levels.

Research Funding

The University of Arizona is ranked #3 in the nation by the National Science Foundation in public university research expenditures in the Physical Sciences.

Being a top-ranked university in the National Science Foundation funding means more technology for license. It means attracting the brightest scientists and students to our state, a tech smart workforce and rich opportunities for commercial partners. Top-ranked means the UA is creating an economic ecosystem where innovation can thrive.

This Is Where Breakthroughs Happen