Galileo Circle

The Galileo Circle is a community of engaged individuals whose support is vital to the continued excellence of the College of Science at the University of Arizona. 

As a member, you will be supporting established and budding scientists at the College of Science. Your gifts provide vital scholarship support to outstanding students and facilitate groundbreaking research by our distinguished faculty. 

The Galileo Circle creates a meaningful connection between our patrons and our scientists. Embark on journeys to understand our scientific past and imagine the possibilities for our future. 

Join the Galileo Circle

Your gift enhances the Galileo Circle Fund for Excellence, which supports innovative research and teaching through scholarships to outstanding students and fellowships to distinguished faculty. All memberships are paid annually and allow two people to participate. 

Your gift at this level provides one (or more) $1,000 scholarships to College of Science undergraduate or graduate students. Galileo Circle scholarships are distributed in $1,000 increments. 

Your gift at this level can support multiple Galileo Circle scholarships or fund faculty fellowships and awardees that receive $5,000 each.

Your gift can support faculty fellowships and awards, or multiple student scholarships. 

A cash or securities gift to the Galileo Circle at this level provides lifetime membership and is often given in the form of an endowment. Endowments provide a continuous stream of annual support for Galileo Circle Scholars and Fellows.

A gift of $5,000 or more to any department within the College of Science provides you with a complimentary one-year Galileo Circle Membership. 

Galileo Circle Scholarships

The Galileo Circle awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate exceptional potential in the physical, mathematical, environmental, cognitive, or life sciences. Your gift goes a long way towards assuring these young scientists will be at the forefront of changing and bettering our world. For every scholarship you support, we will match you with a student and provide you with an opportunity to meet them at our annual scholars celebration.

Galileo Circle Awards

Curie Awards are given to junior faculty whose innovative work not only advances science, but also adds to the diversity within the scientific community. Copernicus Awards recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of faculty and staff who significantly advance the mission of their department and the knowledge base of their discipline. The Postdoc Award was created for the substantial and invaluable contributions postdocs make to the research, mentoring, and outreach missions of both the college and university.

Galileo Circle Fellows

Fellowships are awarded to the most distinguished faculty members in the College of Science. They have a deep understanding of a broad range of science, a willingness to think in a truly interdisciplinary way, and an ability to inspire colleagues and students alike. To retain the distinguishable nature of the award, the total number of Fellows does not exceed ten percent of all tenured College of Science faculty. For years that a Fellow is not selected, Fellow's Grants are awarded to support leading-edge research of non-emeritus Fellows. 


To thank you for your support

We invite Galileo Circle donors to maintain a meaningful connection to the College of Science with exclusive invitations to: 

• Galileo Circle Scholars Celebration held annually in the spring

• Galileo Circle Awards Dinner held annually in the fall

• Reserved seating at the annual College of Science Lecture Series and an opening night reception 

• Departmental lectures, seminars and special events 

• Tours of College of Science labs and facilities such as the Laboratory for Tree Ring Research and the Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab

• Salons featuring College of Science faculty research. A benefit exclusively for Discovery, Innovation, Dean’s Circle and Lifetime members


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