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Myth Busting Science | Lecture Series

The College of Science is excited to announce Myth Busting Science as the topic of our 2023 Lecture Series. Join us inside Centennial Hall beginning February 1 at 7pm for enlightening presentations by four renowned University of Arizona faculty as they debunk common misconceptions in society and apply state-of-the-art scientific methods to solving critical problems.

In partnership with Arizona Arts Live, local musicians will perform prior to each lecture, beginning at 6:30 p.m. A poet from the University of Arizona Poetry Center will also read an original poem created for each topic immediately preceding the lecture.

All lectures begin at 7 p.m.

For those unable to attend the lecture presentations in-person, we will livestream the talks on the UAZScience YouTube channel and record them for later viewing.

Submit your RSVP today! The series is free and open to the public.



Lee Ryan

February 1, 2023 | Lee Ryan

Precision Aging: Busting the one-size-fits-all myth

Do we all age the same way, and at the same rate? What happens to my brain as I get older? In this talk, Dr. Ryan will break down some of the most pervasive myths about aging, share new science on brain aging and cognitive changes over the course of a life, and explain some exciting national studies on aging headed by the university.
Click here to watch on Youtube


Eduardo Blanco

February 8, 2023 | Eduardo Blanco

Are computers as smart as you think?

In our modern technoculture, we interface with computers in almost every aspect of our lives, whether it be personal computers, cell phones, cars or even kitchen appliances -- but how smart are they, really? Dr. Blanco will focus on the intelligence of computers, what they can accomplish, emerging artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT, and their limitations.
Livestream: Click here to watch on YouTube


Jessica Tierney

February 15, 2023 | Jessica Tierney

Climate is always changing. So why is climate change a problem?

If we look at the history of our planet, the climate has always changed. So why are scientists saying it's a problem now? Dr. Tierney's discussion will face that issue head on and provide insight into what science can tell us about the realities of our changing world.


Michael Worobey

March 1, 2023 | Michael Worobey

Origins of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Facts and Fallacies

Few topics have dominated our lives like COVID-19, and the whole world is awash in facts and fictions about the pandemic. Scientists are now reporting what they're learning about the origins of the disease, but can we trust them? Dr. Worobey will lay the groundwork for a factual understanding of the coronavirus and help dispel some common misconceptions.



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History of the Arizona Science Lecture Series

In spring 2006, the College of Science launched its first public lecture series on the topic of Evolution. Bringing together educators and researchers from inside the College, this inaugural series was received by audiences that have grown in size and passion ever since. Since that time, the College of Science has provided an annual lecture series on a wide range of science topics that impact our community. Topics have included cosmology, neuroscience, transformative science, life science, evolution and climate change. 

Spring 2022: Minerals

Spring 2021: Water

Spring 2020: Catalysts of Change

Spring 2019: Searching for Certainty

Spring 2018: Humans, Data and Machines

Spring 2017: Rethinking Reality

Spring 2016: Earth Transformed

Spring 2015: Life in the Universe

Spring 2014: The Evolving Brain

Spring 2013: Genomics Now

Spring 2012: Living Beyond 100

Spring 2011: Cosmic Origins

Spring 2010: Mind and Brain

Spring 2009: Science that Transforms

Spring 2008: The Edges of Life

Fall 2006: Global Climate Change

Spring 2006: Evolution