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Alumni of the Year Award

The 2022 College of Science Alumni of the Year Awardee has been selected. A formal announcement will be made this fall. The award ceremony is February 3, 2023.  

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Elizabeth Turtle

Dr. Elizabeth "Zibi" Turtle, 2021 Alumni of the Year


Alumni of the Year Recipients

Scientist with an impressive career as an educator and in research with a commitment to investigating environmental health factors and servicing underrepresented populations.

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Globally recognized and top planetary scientist with leadership roles in the planetary science community.

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Accomplished physicist with a remarkable career influencing space and aviation. A pioneer in mapping the moon.

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Internationally recognized researcher making significant strides in parasite biology and working to improve health on a global scale.

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Recognized leader in astronomy who currently is the executive officer of the American Astronomical Society.

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Clinical and Forensic Psychologist.

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Prominent experimentalist in nuclear physics.

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Organic chemist who spent 35 years at 3M Company in a variety of chemistry, engineering and management positions.

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Known world-wide for his work on lightning and thunderstorm electricity. 

NASA Astronaut has logged a total of 306 days in space on three missions. 
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Specializes in industrial development and was instrumental in the development of the UA Science and Technology Park.

Had a 36 year career with worldwide responsibility for all Geoscience in ExxonMobil Development Company.

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