Staff Resources

Staff Resources

College of Science Staff Advisory Council

We, the College of Science Staff Advisory Council, support CoS staff by: 

  • providing a conduit for information
  • acting in an advocacy role
  • promoting mentoring opportunities
  • recognizing achievements

We serve as a liaison and advisor to the Dean on staff issues. Our goal is to empower employees within the College of Science, enhance their quality of life, and build a sense of community. 

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UArizona Staff Council

In spring 2021, representatives from APAC and CSC voted to merge to form UArizona Staff Council. UArizona Staff Council represents all staff employees, Classified and University Staff, by taking an active role in shared governance and advising the University administration and other UArizona organizations on matters of concern to all staff. Please join us as we work to build this organization; we welcome your contributions.

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Staff Recognition Within the College of Science

Annual CoS Staff Excellence Awards

Each spring, departments in the College of Science choose an outstanding staff member (classified staff or appointed personal) to be honored at the annual CoSSAC Staff Excellence Awards Brunch. This year's brunch was held on Wednesday, April 10, 2024 in the SUMC South Ballroom.

Is there someone you feel performs their duties with an extraordinary degree of pride and reliability? Someone who always comes through. Someone who goes the extra mile! If you feel staff/appointed personnel in your department meets the following criteria and is deserving of this honor, please nominate them. The nomination will require two (2) supporting letters, one must come from the Department Head or Director AND/OR the nominee's supervisor. 

Criteria to consider in the supporting letters (please include an example(s) in your letters): 

  • Performs extra duties substantially beyond those normally assigned. 
  • Performs other roles when the department is short-staffed. 
  • Volunteers to serve on a department or University committee and contributes to its success. 
  • Has developed new work methods that reduce waste or stretch resources. 
  • Makes creative suggestions that save the department time & money. 
  • Provides services to others that are beyond assigned responsibilities. 

CoS Star Awards

The College of Science Staff Advisory Council (CoSSAC) develops ideas to thank staff members for their valued efforts. The UA Star program is intended to increase the opportunity and frequency for them to receive a "public pat on the back." Star Awards are presented every Mid - March, July and November. Nominations for every round of Star Awards are due a month before each award is presented.

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University Wide Employee Recognition

Take a look around you. You recognize people who are dedicated to the University of Arizona, who are always ready to help, and who make the University a great place to work. Now, take a moment and nominate those people for an Award for Excellence so that the rest of the University can appreciate them also. The UArizona Staff Council and the President's Cabinet sponsor these awards. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to nominate someone great today - don't delay, nominations require letters of recommendation!

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Professional Development

Did you know?

Human Resources

  • At the University of Arizona, our employees are our greatest resource. When you need support regarding your employment and career, HR Employee Advising is available. We offer confidential guidance on University policies and practice, coaching to help you make informed work-related decisions, and strategies for improving interactions with colleagues and supervisors, job satisfaction, and finding the right resources to meet your individual needs.
  • HR Employee Advisors can support you in a variety of ways. Check out their page for more information:

Continuing & Professional Education

There are various classes offered through the Continuing & Professional Education site:

Talk to your supervisor about what classes might benefit your career advancement.

  • Learn new skills to move up in your current career, start a new career, or keep up with changes in your profession.
  • Get ready to take a nationally recognized certification exam, such as Cisco, CompTIA or Project Management Professional (PMP).
  • Non-credit certificates typically involve successful completion of multiple courses, offering an in-depth learning experience to help advance your career.

Employee Development, Growth & Engagement

EDGE Learning

Have you heard about EDGE Learning in UAccess? Activate your account with instructions: Activate your account (PDF)

As we settle into the new year, we encourage you to consider how LinkedIn Learning courses can help you achieve your professional goals. Now is a perfect time to review your Career Conversation goals and have a discussion with your supervisor to identify skills you might develop.

Are you already signed up for LinkedIn Learning?

Here are some recommended courses from the Office of Learning and Organizational Development to get your year started.

  • Unique Habits: Be Successful Your Own Way
  • Creating Great Workplace Habits
  • Defining and Achieving Professional Goals
  • Creating a Career Plan
  • Building Better Routines

Ombuds Program

OMBUDS Program

Mediation & Facilitation

"Things are going really well now - amicable and with good communication. I feel good about the whole process. Thanks a lot for everything." - Anonymous Visitor (services provided: mediation for supervisor-employee conflict)

Facilitated Dialogue

The Ombud's Office facilitates dialogue between two or more people who would like an uninvolved, impartial facilitator to guide them through discussions or processes.

Informal Mediation

Mediation involves facilitated discussion between two or more people encountering conflict or other difficulties. Mediation provides an opportunity for participants to discuss their needs, issues, concerns, etc., build understanding, and move forward in a positive way.

Shuttle Diplomacy / Intermediary

The Ombud's Office provides shuttle-diplomacy in situations where it isn't feasible, possible, or agreeable/appropriate for the involved parties to meet in person.

Large Group Processes

Large group processes are essentially facilitated dialogue (see above description) on a large scale. This can be, for example, on the departmental, college, or organizational level.