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Faculty Honors & Awards

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Various Internal Awards, Criteria and University Deadlines

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Please note: Some of these University awards are due to the Dean’s office about 2 weeks before the University Deadline to allow us to prepare any necessary documents, voting or ranking. Please upload packets for Dean's approval here:

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College of Science Teaching & Advising Awards


The College of Science recognizes outstanding faculty and advisors who have made significant contributions to the teaching and advising mission of the University.


There are six different award categories to recognize outstanding faculty. To review the criteria for these awards or upload application materials, see Submission Instructions below.

Distinguished Early-Career Teaching Award
This award is in recognition of outstanding classroom (in-person or virtual) teaching at the undergraduate or graduate levels. Nominees should have less than ten years as members of the University of Arizona and should have demonstrated sustained commitment to high quality, inclusive teaching in a variety of settings.

Distinguished Career Teaching Award
This award is in recognition of a long career as an outstanding classroom (in-person or virtual) teacher and mentor of students at different levels and in diverse settings. Nominees should have made important contributions to the educational efforts in their departments as recognized by their peers and current and past students. 

Innovation in Teaching Award
In recognition of outstanding educational innovation developed and applied to course delivery whether in the classroom or in a virtual setting. For example: newly developed teaching aids and methods or innovative course designs.  Special consideration will be given to innovations that have been formally evaluated to demonstrate their effectiveness in promoting student understanding, inclusion, and belonging.

Distinguished Achievement in Science Education
In recognition of outstanding contributions directed toward systematic improvement of science and mathematics education beyond the classroom. This includes scholarly works that make a contribution to improving teaching and learning. Amongst these are innovative courses, textbooks, materials, and activities that substantially impact the educational process in colleges and public schools.

Distinguished Advising Award
In recognition of demonstrated outstanding, extensive, and continuous involvement in undergraduate advising. 

Distinguished Mentoring Award
In recognition of demonstrated outstanding, extensive, and continuous involvement in student mentoring. For criteria and to upload application materials see link below.


Nominations will be accepted for any teaching faculty (those designated as faculty by ABOR definitions). *Professional Advisors may also be nominated for the Distinguished Advising Award.

Nomination Process

Nomination packets must include the following materials for all nominees:

  1. Nomination letter from the department head
  2. Two to four supporting letters from faculty, students, or other appropriate individuals
  3. A personal statement of teaching/advising/educational philosophy (one page maximum)
  4. Optional - A summary of other relevant accomplishments pertaining to teaching/advising/education, e.g., innovative adaptations of courses during the covid19 pandemic (two page maximum).

These additional materials are required for nominees of the Distinguished Early-Career Teaching Award and the Distinguished Career Teaching Award*:

  1. Copies of teaching peer-review observations/reports, when available, for any course taught within the last three years.
  2. A summary of student comments, when available, for courses taught in the last three years (two page maximum).

*It is recognized that these materials may not be available for Spring 2020 – Spring 2021 semesters.

Submission Instructions

Click Here For Teaching & Advising Awards Nomination Form

At the end of this form, you will be asked to submit a composite PDF attachment for review. If you have any questions, please contact Frankie Kolb at fkolb@arizona.edu.

Due Date

These award nominations are typically due towards the end of April. This year's deadline is May 26, 2023. The awardees are recognized at the annual College of Science Faculty Reception during the Fall semester.


A committee of College of Science faculty will review the nominations and select one award recipient in each category. In the event there are not a sufficient number of nominations for an award, the committee reserves the right to not make a selection for this year and reconsider the nomination(s) during the following year’s process. 


The award recipients will receive a one-time $500 award and be recognized at the College of Science faculty reception in late September or early October.

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