Winter Closure 2019

A note from the College of Science Academic Advising team.

Student in the snow

From December 23rd, 2019 through January 1st, 2020, many offices at the University of Arizona are limited in their activities due to winter break. However, we realize that academic advising issues can arise during this period.
For students in majors within the College of Science, please see below.

  • Major-specific questions? Please follow your major department’s procedure for contacting your academic advisor during the break.
  • General (non-major specific) questions? Please email Include your name, ID number, and major when emailing.
  • Winter Session Classes and Schedule Changes
    Winter session dates and deadlines, including deadlines for paying tuition, getting a refund, filing for GRO, and withdrawing from courses is found here.
    • Contact the Summer/Winter Office for questions.
    • LATE DROPS or SCHEDULE CHANGES after the posted deadline: If you need to make a schedule change (ie. withdrawal or other change after UAccess is no longer available for these requests):
      • Email Robin Rarick include your name, student ID, the nature of the change requested (including subject and course number) and reason for the requested change.
      • Next: You MUST have your professor email Robin Rarick with his/her permission for the change you are requesting. If the professor does not approve the change requested, you must remain enrolled and take the grade earned.
        Note: Please avoid waiting until the last day of the course to request a change, as the procedure involves a few steps that take time for processing!
    • Does my winter course count for my degree program?
      • Courses that apply to your degree program will appear in the proper requirement area in your Academic Advisement Report. Run your Advisement Report in UAccess Student Center and double check the section in which your winter course is included.
      • If the course is not being pulled into the requirement area that you expected, you must choose another course that is allowed for that requirement, unless your Academic Advisor has pre-approved an exception prior to the winter closure.
  • Financial Aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress
    SAP appeals must be done in person, and there will be plenty of time to do this in person once the campus resumes its normal activities on January 2nd.
    • You should start the SAP appeal form now, by reading through the information here.
    • Start writing your personal statement and collecting appropriate documentation. This will facilitate the in-person meeting with your Academic Advisor on or after Jan 2nd.
    • Make an appointment with your academic advisor. Their contact info is in UAccess on the right side of the page. Click "Details".
  • Academic Status and Spring Schedule Modifications
    • If your Grade Point Average is below a 2.0 after fall 2019 grades post, please watch your UA email early in January for messaging about your next steps. We want to work with you early to develop a plan for improvement. Please don’t panic. 
    • Spring 2020 schedule changes: If you wish to alter your spring class schedule in the meantime (to repeat a course, or reduce your work load, etc.), please go ahead and do this via UAccess. Plan to discuss these modifications with your advisor when s/he returns on or after January 2nd. Please know, there will still be enough time before the spring term begins to make additional schedule changes if needed and to discuss them with your academic advisor.
    • Full/closed classes
      • If the course you want/need is full, the first step is to check if it has a wait list. This will be signaled by a yellow triangle for the section in UAccess. To add yourself to the wait list, click the green “select” button to add it to your shopping cart. On the confirmation page, check the box in the upper right-hand side labeled “Add to wait list if course is full.” Then, add the course to your shopping cart and try to register for it. You will be added to the wait list if space is available.
      • If the course does not have a wait list, add it to your shopping cart so you can check on it easily. Check on a regular basis in case seats open up. Over the break, students make many changes to their schedules and seats may free up during this time.
      • You may try contacting the department that offers the class to see about possible enrollment, in case their administrators are responding over the winter break.
      • In some cases, you might be able to attend the first day of class with a Change of Schedule form and ask the professor if there is room for you to join the class, but this is not always the case. Check with the offering department to see how enrollment requests are managed.
      • If the class you want can be replaced with another class that is open (ie. a different general education class) please add your second choice class, but watch for a chance to swap it.
  • Degree Candidacy and Degree check
    The deadline to apply for graduation for spring 2020 or summer 2020 is February 1.
    • STEP 1: File for degree candidacy now by selecting “Apply for Graduation” from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of UAccess Student Center and filling out the online Degree Candidacy form that follows.
    • If you do not have a link to the degree candidacy form, please contact your Graduation Services Advisor to let him know you need your link activated. Jon Jensen
    • STEP 2: Meet with your academic advisor/make an appointment to complete the Degree Audit Worksheet (aka “pink sheet”) in person on or after January 2nd. It’s a good idea to do this early in the spring term, in case you need to modify your spring schedule.
  • Readmission
    If you applied for readmission for the Spring 2020 term but left UA in poor academic standing (GPA <2.0), you must fill out the College of Science Application for Readmission, and meet with an Academic Advisor to determine eligibility for admission. Please email to initiate the internal application.
    • You are required to meet with the Academic Advisor for your intended major to discuss your program of study. If you are outside of Tucson, you can schedule a phone appointment, or possibly meet online via Zoom).
    • Find contact information for your College of Science Major Advisor here.
    • Please do not go to drop-in hours for readmission appointments.  Readmission appointments may take over 30 minutes and will not be handled during drop-in hours.