School of Mathematical Sciences

School of Mathematical Sciences

The School of Mathematical Sciences discovers new knowledge in mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics to address critical mathematical, scientific, engineering, and technological challenges of our time; provides graduate education cutting across disciplines in science, engineering, and medicine; and contributes to the mathematical education of our nation's children and citizens through its undergraduate teaching mission and many outreach activities both locally and nationwide.

The School is a federation of the Department of Mathematics, the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Applied Mathematics, the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Statistics, and centers and institutes focused on mathematics education and outreach. These units have a long history of uniting faculty with common aims in education and research across the campus, targeting resources, and attracting outstanding students. The School retains the distinct identities of its component units while extending its reach through collaborations inspired by a vision of mathematics as central to science and society.

For further information, contact:

Douglas Ulmer
Head, Department of Mathematics


Misha Chertkov
Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Applied Mathematics

David Glickenstein
Graduate Program in Mathematics

Helen Zhang
Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Statistics