Rahul Gupte

Rahul Gupte

Science Ambassador
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Major & Minor
Major: Biology (Emphasis in Biomedical Sciences)
Minor: Business Administration

Las Vegas, NV

How’d you choose your major/minor?
I chose Biology with an Emphasis in Biomedical Sciences because I had been interested in biology ever since my 6th grade class where I was able to dissect a frog. I was just fascinated how the building blocks of life are involved in every organism. I pursued the biomedical track because of my interest in medicine and seeing how important it is to understand the fundamentals of the human body in order to relate it to medicine. I chose a business administration minor because of how heavily medicine can be involved in the financial world today. I think it is important to understand how a business is operated as most medical practices follow business principles.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?
My favorite spot on campus would have to be Health Science Innovation Building. Its right next to my research lab and the hospital where I have an internship, so whenever I need a place to study, I usually go there. I also love the surrounding nature of the building as it is usually very peaceful and has a lot of places to sit outside and enjoy the environment.

What has been the highlight of your college career thus far?
Becoming Co-President of Medical Directive has been one of my greatest highlights thus far. I first joined the club the first year it originated and to see it develop has been a wonderful experience. Being able to be a part of this club and work with so many different organizations has been an amazing experience. I have learned a lot about leadership in my time with the club thus far and I hope to continue growing throughout my time with the club.

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