Carmie Garzione

Carmie Garzione

Dean, College of Science

Dr. Carmala Garzione is the Dean of the College of Science at the University of Arizona. In her role, Dr. Garzione works with faculty and staff from the College’s fifteen departments, four schools, and five major disciplinary areas of study to advance the College’s mission, strengthen efforts around inclusive excellence, and build on ways to support students and increase their success while raising the College’s profile locally, nationally, and globally.

A distinguished earth scientist, Dr. Garzione’s research interests include the interaction between climate and tectonics, stable isotopes in terrestrial paleoclimate-paleoenvironmental studies, and sedimentary basin evolution and tectonic history of mountain belts. Dr. Garzione was an early pioneer of methods to estimate the past elevations of mountain belts, which have allowed scientists to understand the timeframes and geodynamic processes that build mountains and the role that mountain belts play in the evolution of regional and global climate. Her research focuses on the interface between tectonics and climate systems in the Andes and the Himalaya-Tibetan Mountain belts. In addition to her research efforts, she is an active member of the Geological Society of America, American Geophysical Union, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Prior to joining the College of Science, Dr. Garzione served as the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She focused on faculty development and retention of strong research-oriented faculty, while sustaining teaching excellence. Dr. Garzione was responsible for developing policies and best practices to support faculty recruitment, onboarding, promotion and tenure, and retention. Prior to joining RIT, Dr. Garzione served as the founding director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the University of Rochester.

Dr. Garzione is a proud alumna of the University of Arizona having earned a M.S. in 1996 and Ph.D. in Geoscience in 2000. Additionally, in 1994, she earned a B.S. in Geology from the University of Maryland.