Winners announced for Outstanding Graduate Student Research Awards

April 25, 2023
Grad Awards

Graduate students are awarded for their efforts in three categories: Scholarship, Service, and Teaching. Photographed: Dr. Jeremiah Hackett, Assoc. Dean for Graduate & Postdoctural Affairs, presented the Overall Outstanding Scholarship Award to Harrison Schmitt in the Psychology Department.

Every spring, the College of Science recognizes and awards outstanding graduate students in three categories -- Scholarship, Service, and Teaching. This year's award ceremony was hosted on Monday, April 24, 2023 as we celebrated the accomplishments of our graduate students.

Here is the full list of 2023 award winners. Bold indicates the student received the Overall Outstanding Award in addition to the department award.

Outstanding Scholarship Award

The award is given to outstanding graduate students for their research efforts and publications, presentations at meetings and symposiums, and for scholarships awarded.

Astronomy - Jiachuan Xu

Chemistry & Biochemistry - Anjalee Wijetunge                                

Computer Science - Robert Vacareanu

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology - Katie Chenard

Geosciences - Alexander Gorr

Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences - Xiaojian Zheng

Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research - Julie Edwards

Mathematics - Tristan Phillips

Physics - Fateme Mahdikhanysarvejahany

Planetary Sciences/Lunar & Planetary Laboratory - Rachel Fernandes

Psychology - Harrison Schmitt

Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences - Heidi Mettler

Outstanding Service Award

The award is given to outstanding graduate students for their attention to broader impacts and involvement in activities outside of academic responsibilities that benefit the department, university and the larger community. For example, this student may represent graduate student interests on councils or committees, organize graduate student events, assist departmental recruitment, participate in K-12 outreach, etc.

Astronomy - Rachael Amaro

Chemistry & Biochemistry - Andrea Hamilton

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology - Alex Karnish

Geosciences - Caden Howlett

Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences - Danielle Tadych

Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research - Kira Harris

Mathematics - Daniel Lewis

Molecular & Cellular Biology - Elizabeth Jose

Physics - Rachel Nieken

Planetary Sciences/Lunar & Planetary Laboratory - Adam Battle

Psychology - Kimberly Leon

Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences - Sarah Lynn Neiling

Outstanding Teaching Award

The award is given to outstanding graduate students for their teaching or mentoring that goes above and beyond what is required; positive evaluations or other feedback from students, willingness to help junior graduate students, etc.

Astronomy - Samantha Scibelli

Chemistry & Biochemistry - Ryan Williams

Computer Science - Kartikey Shukla

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology - Geoff Finch

Geosciences - Emilie Bowman

Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences (HAS) - Mica Jarocki

Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research - Emily Jonsson

Mathematics - Becca Jarnutowski

Molecular & Cellular Biology - Bradford Hull

Physics - Jose Daniel Castro-Cisnero

Planetary Sciences/Lunar & Planetary Laboratory - Kana Ishimaru

Psychology - Justin Palmer

Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences - Alyssa Sachs