Outstanding Seniors in the College of Science: Qixiang Duan

Dec. 14, 2022
Qixiang Duan

This fall, departments in the University of Arizona's College of Science nominated an outstanding senior who went above and beyond during their time as a Wildcat. We are pleased to share their stories as they reflect on their time at UArizona. Next up in the senior spotlight series is Qixiang Duan.

Qixiang Duan

College of Science: Why did you choose your area of study?
Duan: Becoming an astronomer has long been my dream ever since my childhood as I always ponder the mysteries of the universe.

COS: Tell us about a class or research project you really enjoyed
Duan: I really enjoyed ASTR 302, Observational Astronomy, not only because it was taught by world-class professors but also it provides an opportunity for undergraduates to experience the forefront of observing astronomy.

COS: What is one specific memory from your time at UA that you'll cherish forever?
Duan: I cherished the moment when I stepped into Steward Observatory for the first time, as if I was fulfilling my childhood calling.

COS: What is next for you after graduation?
Duan: I am planning to apply to graduate programs in Computer Science, in order to be best prepared for both academia and industry.