Outstanding Seniors in the College of Science: Adriana Kendrick-Perez

Dec. 2, 2022
Adriana Kendrick-Perez

This fall, departments in the University of Arizona's College of Science nominated an outstanding senior who went above and beyond during their time as a Wildcat. We are pleased to share their stories as they reflect on their time at UArizona. Next up in the senior spotlight series is Adriana Kendrick-Perez.

Adriana Kendrick-Perez

College of Science: Why did you choose your area of study?
I've always felt called to the helping professions. I was unsure of what specific career path to take at the time, but I knew that I had an interest in Psychology and loved that it was such a diverse major. I felt that it would provide me with the necessary skills, knowledge and opportunities to work in a helping profession post-graduation.

COS: Tell us about a class or research project you really enjoyed.
I loved FSHD 405: Theories of Counseling. It was fascinating to learn more about the counseling process and the evolution of therapy models used today. It really solidified my interest in pursuing a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology!

COS: What is one specific memory from your time at UA that you'll cherish forever?
I was with my GRL siblings in the WGRC playing jackbox games. There was a moment when we were all laughing together and I ended up on the floor. I essentially had a moment where I stopped to look around and I realized that I had found my little family on campus. It was such a simple moment, but it really made me realize how important my siblings are to me. I'm very grateful to have met them.

COS: What is next for you after graduation?
Kendrick-Perez: I plan to complete a post-bacc program, then take some time off and rest. After that, I plan to pursue a PhD in Counseling Psychology!