Outstanding Seniors in the College of Science: Brianna Hoegler

April 20, 2022

This spring, each department in the University of Arizona's College of Science nominated an outstanding senior who went above and beyond during their time as a Wildcat. We are pleased to share their stories as they reflect on their time at UArizona. Next up in the senior spotlight series is Brianna Hoegler.

Brianna Hoegler

Hometown: Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Geosciences (emphasis in Earth, Oceans, and Climate), Minors in History and Marine Science

College of Science: Why did you choose your area of study?

Brianna: I've known that I wanted to work in science for a long time, and I grew up in an ecologically and climatically vulnerable area along the bay in New Jersey, so I've had an interest in protecting the environment since I was a young kid. I attended a science-focused public magnet school for high school, and there I was able to take many different science classes while conducting independent research. There, I found my love for soils, sediments, oceanography, and geology, and I knew that I wanted to major in geosciences in college. 

COS: Tell us about a class or research project you really enjoyed

Brianna: I've been working in Dr. Diane Thompson's Tropical Climate and Coral Reefs Lab since my sophomore year. There, I use nitrogen isotopes deposited in lake sediments through flamingo guano to learn more about the paleo-productivity of the eastern tropical Pacific. My lab work has led me to become a more confident scientist and scholar, and I have been given the opportunity to present my work at a variety of conferences, including the AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans this past December. Most importantly, though, Dr. Thompson has been an invaluable mentor and advisor over the past three years that I have worked with her.

COS: What is one specific memory from your time at UA that you'll cherish forever?

Brianna: There are so many moments that are special to me from my time at the University of Arizona. Some of the most special moments were the times I got to spend just hanging out with the amazing friends I made here, whether we were grabbing Sunday brunch, hiking in the mountains, or just chatting outside on the Mall. 

COS:What is next for you after graduation?

Brianna: I'm planning on going to graduate school in the fall. I will be attending Brown University to pursue a PhD in Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Science. There, I will work with Dr. Tim Herbert to reconstruct past climates and changes in ocean currents using deep-sea sediment cores.