EarthWeek 2021: Restore Our Earth

EarthWeek 2021:
Restore Our Earth

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EarthWeek is an annual student-led research symposium brings together researchers from each department in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES). The departments within SEES include Environmental Science, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, Geosciences, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, School of Geography and Development, and the Laboratory for Tree Ring Research.

SEES recorded research presentations should be uploaded and viewed on the "EarthWeek 2021" D2L page. To access the page, log in to D2L, click "All" in the semester tab, then click on the course "EarthWeek 2021".

Earth Week 2021 Keynote Sasha Reed

Calendar of events

March 25th

Arroyo Chico Wash Clean-up 
3:00 -5:00 PM

March 26th

Opening Plenary Session 
3:00 PM

Opening presentation by SEES Director Dr. Tom Meixner and Keynote speaker Dr. Sasha Reed.

March 27th

Saguaro National Park Fountain Grass Pull
7:00 AM to 12:00 PM

March 31st

El Dia Presentations
All day

Live Lightning Talk Competition
4:00 PM

Zoom Password: EW2021


April 2nd

GeoDaze Oral Presentations
All day

Open to All SEES: Geosciences Dr. Jackson's Keynote Address
9:00 AM

Zoom Password: geodaze21


For more information about EarthWeek 2021, please email Shelby Hoglund (