Academic Eligibility Policy

Academic Eligibility Policy

Please refer to the University of Arizona's new Academic Eligibility Policy.

As of fall 2019, any undergraduate student who earns less than a 2.000 cumulative grade point average at the end of fall or spring semesters will be placed on Academic Warning by the University as per UA policy. Students will be contacted via email by the College of Science Advising Office and will be required to participate in Academic Recovery programming. 

Making the Grade workshop is required for all College of Science students who go on Academic Probation for the first time. The workshop is about 1.5 hours and covers self-assessment, UA policy, CoS practices, how to work with your Academic Advisor to recover academically, special circumstances what may warrant a General Petition, how financial aid is affected, connecting to campus resources, mid-semester progress check, and a follow up meeting with the Academic Advisor. Students who do not attend this very important session will miss out.

Mandatory Hold Flags: may be placed on their UAccess account preventing schedule changes from occurring until the student has met with his or her academic advisor to discuss academic expectations and a plan for success.

Academic Support Plan: Students will be provided an electronic academic support plan mainly for informational purposes and found in the UAccess Student Center. In addition, major departments may work with students to create course plans and action items to help students set reasonable goals for improvement. 

SCI 195a or PSY 197b are success strategy courses designed for students who have completed their first semester and go on Warning as a result of poor grades. Students who want a structured experience may participate. Academic Advisors in the College of Science volunteer to teach this course and are passionate about helping students succeed. They serve as constant points of contact and valuable resources for struggling students. 

  • Students who begin a semester on Warning and are unable to raise their GPA to 2.0 by the end of that term are placed on Academic Probation by the University and are required to participate in a campus-offered intervention designed to help the student address areas of concern. This new intervention is being developed for 2020.
  • All students are reviewed at the end of each term. Academic statuses are updated by the University as grades post.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to regularly check their Arizona email, and to respond as necessary to requests for contact made by the College.
  • Any student at risk of Academic Ineligibility needs to see his or her advisor and if they feel that their situation was due to extenuating circumstances, may file an appeal (process coming 2020). 
  • Readmission for students who left with a GPA <2.0 is subject to thorough review and readmission is not guaranteed. 

*Students should mind the registration dates and deadlines on the Office of the Registrar’s website and take action to swap or drop classes on time if they desire.

**Students with extenuating circumstances who find themselves unable to continue participating in one or more classes after UAccess drop deadline, must file a Late Change Petition with the College of Science (only for students majoring in the College of Science). Please see the Late Change Policy. Students must have a documented situation (medical, family, financial, etc.) to be considered for a late drop after the deadline.

***Students with serious problems during the semester are urged to contact their academic advisors for help as soon as possible. Students who have not been attending their classes as planned are urged to file a complete withdrawal (drop from all classes) through the Office of the Registrar, if they are not participating and are expected to fail their classes. This action must be taken before the last day of actual classes (not finals).