Science Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Science Ambassador Program

Science Ambassadors are undergraduate students selected through a competitive process, by their department to represent them at College of Science recruitment events. Typically, Juniors and Seniors serve as Ambassadors, however, high achieving Sophomores may be considered. Ambassadors are nominated based on the following criteria: academic strength, involvement in undergraduate research, internship, study abroad and/or serve in a leadership role. They seek the opportunity to be a guide and mentor for prospective students and their families interested in pursuing a science degree. They are leaders among their peers and have a passion for science outreach in the community.  

You can expect a year filled with a variety of activities:

  • Annual retreat
  • Business meetings
  • Recruitment events
  • Science outreach events
  • Community service projects


Students are nominated and selected by their department. Only students meeting the following requirements can be nominated:

  • 3.0 GPA, minimum (overall and in the major)
  • Enrolled in a primary major in the College of Science
  • Currently involved in undergraduate research, internship, leadership role or other professional development experience in a field of science
  • Strong speaking skills
  • International travel, study abroad or some other foreign experience is strongly desired
  • Commit to serve for a minimum of one academic year
  • Commit to work 10-12 events per semester, including business meetings, to be considered active in the program.

Nomination packet must include:

  • Two (2) letters of recommendation (hard copies or digital)
  • Faculty mentor of student’s research/internship/advanced coursework/leadership role
  • Other professor or mentor within the department
  • Resume (include employment history, clubs, and extracurricular activities as appropriate)
  • Copy of transcript (unofficial copy)
  • Completed application form



  • The College of Science Advisor will be responsible for training, supervising and mentoring the UA SCIENCE Ambassadors.
  • Ambassadors will be able to answer general questions about their departments and majors.
  • Ambassadors will have general knowledge of the UA application process, financial aid, on-campus housing, campus health, and various clubs and activities on campus.
  • UA SCIENCE Ambassador polo and STEM Cats t-shirt


  • Graduating Ambassadors are recognized for their service at the College of Science Awards Reception, held a week before Commencement.
  • Names of graduating Science Ambassadors will be highlighted in the Commencement program and will receive an honorary service chord.


  • Interaction with many College of Science faculty members, Associate Deans the Dean of the College
  • Opportunity to work with other, high achieving peers from every Department within the College of Science
  • Collaboration with community organizations and groups


Ms. Erin Deely
(520) 621-3373