Graduate Scholarships

Galileo Circle Scholarships
Eligibility: Outstanding science undergraduates and graduate students are nominated by departments
Contact: (520) 621-4015

Southern Arizona Environmental Management Society Scholarship
Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate science student pursuing career in environmental sciences
Contact: Scholarship Office (520) 621-2483

Glen W. Vanice and Keith G. Reid Endowment for Scientific Research in Biomedical Fields
Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate science students, native-born US citizens conducting research in macular degeneration, cancer, nutrition or allergies
Contact: Office of the Associate Dean (520) 626-1092

Jamieson Graduate Fellowship
Eligibility: Astronomy graduate student
Contact: John Bieging (520) 621-2288

Andrew Ellicott Douglass Memorial Scholarship
Eligibility: 2005-2006 Astronomy graduate students with outstanding academic achievement and financial need
Contact: John Bieging (520) 621-2288

Herbert E. Carter Award
Eligibility: Biochemistry graduate student that demonstrates potential as an independent scientist
Contact: Olivia Mendoza (520) 621-3868

John Hostetter Scholarship in Biochemistry
Eligibility: Biochemistry graduate students that demonstrate academic excellence and financial need
Contact: (520) 621-2483

David F. O'Brien Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry
Eligibility: Post 3rd year Chemistry graduate student working in biochemistry and cancer research
Contact: Lori Boyd (520) 621-4348

Marvel Scholarship
Eligibility: Chemistry graduate student
Contact: Lori Boyd (520) 621-4348

Robert W. Hoshaw
Eligibility: Outstanding graduate student in EEB with the potential to make contribution to field of EEB
Contact: Carol Burleson (520) 621-1588

William A. Calder III PhD
Eligibility: EEB unmarried graduate student from Mexico with commitment to conservation with potential to return to Mexico to educate others
Contact: Amanda Burke (520) 621-1588

William T. and Lola Benton
Eligibility: EEB Marine Biology Graduate Student doing research for the Shell Collection
Contact: Katrina Mangin (520) 621-1588

Bert S. Butler
Eligibility: Geosciences graduate students that demonstrate scholarship, professional potential and character
Contact: Anne Chase (520) 621-6004

Charles G. Evensen Memorial Scholarship in Geosciences
Eligibility: Outstanding students in the Department of Geosciences
Contact: Anne Chase (520) 621-6004

Dr. H. Wesley Peirce Graduate Scholarship Endowment
Eligibility: Geosciences graduate student conducting field work required by thesis or dissertation
Contact: Anne Chase (520) 621-6004

Friends of Kartchner Caverns Scholarship in Honor of Gary Tenen and Randy Tufts
Eligibility: Geosciences graduate or undergraduate students
Contact: Anne Chase (520) 621-6004

Keith L. Katzer Memorial
Eligibility: Graduate students in Quatemary Geology and Geomorphology
Contact: Anne Chase (520) 621-6004

Maxwell N. Short Memorial Scholarship
Eligibility: Graduate students in geosciences nominated on basis of character, scholarship and professional potential
Contact: Anne Chase (520) 621-6004

Peter J. Coney Fellowship
Eligibility: Graduate students pursuing advance degree in structural-techtonics
Contact: Anne Chase (520) 621-6004

Sulzer Fund Graduate Fellowships in Geosciences
Eligibility: Outstanding Geosciences graduate student
Contact: Anne Chase (520) 621-6004

Tucson Gem and Mineral Society Fellowship in Mineralogy
Eligibility: Graduate student whose primary interest is in mineralogy
Contact: Anne Chase (520) 621-6004

David Lowell Graduate Scholarship
Eligibility: Economic Geology graduate students
Contact: Anne Chase (520) 621-6004

Andrew Douglass
Eligibility: Graduate student
Contact: Phyllis Greff (520) 621-2191

Cubic Corporation Scholarship

Eligibility: Two scholarships awarded to: 1) an outstanding physics graduate teaching assistant and 2) a physics undergraduate
Contact: Eva Gonzales (520) 621-4788

William S. Bickel
Eligibility: Graduate students interested in experimental physics or physics education, superior GPA, and excellent GRE scores
Contact: Eva Gonzales (520) 621-4788

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Graduate Student who are interested in working with children
Eligibility: Graduate student
Contact: Cathy Fay, (520) 621-1819