Moving Forward, Life after a Pandemic

Transformation during COVID19 talk 2

As part of UArizona’s Campus Reentry Task Force, biologist Joyce Schroeder is lead on the implementation of app-based exposure notification. Schroeder hopes that people will sign for this anonymous app to help control the spread of COVID-19. But will they?

In the final lecture of the series, Schroeder will converse with communication scholar Rain Wuyu Liu, who studies persuasion, health behavior promotion, and COVID-19 risk perceptions and preventative behaviors.

Schroeder and Liu will discuss a range of topics: What are the barriers to people adopting recommended behaviors such as exposure notification and mask wearing? What are the best strategies to promote healthy behavior?  How can managing expectations help people adapt to new social norms?

And, finally, as we enter a future where the threat of communicable disease looms large, Schroeder and Liu will discuss if we can ever return to “normal,” and how can we use the power of information to reduce risk.

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5 p.m. Aug. 1, 2020