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Phone: (520) 621-4090
Fax: (520) 621-8389


College of Science Administration
Gould-Simpson Building, Room 1025
1040 E. Fourth Street
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0077

Mailing Address

College of Science Administration
P.O. Box 210077
1040 E. Fourth Street, Room 1025
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0077

Office of the Dean

College of Science Interim Dean_Elliott_Cheu

Elliott Cheu
Interim Dean
(520) 621-4090

Christopher Impey
Associate Dean
(520) 621-4090

Lisa Bianco
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Appointments with the Dean
(520) 621-4092

Brittany Johnson
Program Coordinator, Senior
Appointments with the Associate Deans
(520) 621-4091

Bernadette Olson
Director, Faculty Affairs and Special Assistant to the Dean 
(520) 621-4037

Boleyn Baylor
Director of Special Projects
(520) 621-4060

Katie Van Renterghem
Director, Decision Planning and Support
(520) 621-5214

Student Affairs

Robin Rarick
Senior Director
Academic Advising
(520) 621-8128

Tharini Wijeweera
Assistant Director
Academic Advising
(520) 621-8128

Office of Recruitment and Engagement

Erin Deely
Director, Recruitment and Engagement
(520) 621-3374

Collin Stout, M.S.
Program Coordinator
(520) 621-4047



Marketing and Communications

Jenna Rutschman 
Senior Director, Communications and Digital Media
(520) 621-7623

Rick Neter
Director, Marketing
(520) 838-6136

Media Contact

Mari Jensen
Senior Science Writer
Public Information Officer
(520) 626-9635



Office of Undergraduate

Kimberly Sierra-Cajas
Director, Office of Undergraduate Research
(520) 626-7428


Cheryl Tomoeda
Senior Director of Development
(520) 621-1787

Janita Pickett-Gordon
Director of Development
(520) 621-9299

Margie Gudaitis
Associate Director of Development
(520) 621-1215

Cecelia Perez
Program Coordinator Senior
Scholarships & Endowments
(520) 621-9747

Kim Moore
Administrative Assistant
(520) 621-4015

Corporate and Community Engagement

Michael Luria
Assistant Dean for Corporate and Community Engagement
(520) 621-4090

Dale Schoonover
Assistant Director, Donor Relations
Galileo Circle
(520) 621-6797

Frankie Kolb
Manager, Alumni Affairs
(520) 621-7226

Business Office

Kelly Grimm
Assistant Dean, Business and Finance
(520) 621-4086

Ginger Kouns
Manager, Business and Finance
(520) 621-4054

Cheryl McCauley
(520) 626-1202

External Relations

Bob Logan
Assistant Dean for External and Corporate Relations
(520) 621-4015

Laura Silva
Senior Licensing Manager
(520) 621-5000

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